About us

We have a creative team, in which the architects work alongside structural engineers from the beginning of the design process.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) can transform the process of design and construction of a work.

We use Revit platform specifically for building information modeling (Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Revit Mep). Revit is a complete system of design and documentation of specific works for each discipline.

We do environmental studies with virtual models and numerical simulation programs for analyzing climate:

-Studies of sunlight.
-Dimensioning eaves and parasols.
-Recommendations on insulation.
-Proposal solar collection elements.
-Ventilation, natural light.
-Info Pack technique (IRAM law 13,059) Implementation of projects and buildings for LEED certification.

Team Members

Senior Executive Partner Raimundo Flah |  curriculum

Senior Partner Stella Flah | curriculum

Partner Nora Araneo |  curriculum

Partner Paola Burei | curriculum

Associate Fermin Amado | curriculum

Associate Andres Singer |  curriculum

Associate Nicolas Klein |  curriculum

Associate Constanza Basile | curriculum