Project and Construction Management:

Our Potential is focused on the realization of Architectural Projects and its subsequent execution.
Also given our vast experience in Educational Architecture both Public and Private, we offer the Consultancy in all matters related to
Infrastructure and Programming of Educational Spaces.
In order to reinforce the task and obtain superimposing results, we understood a few years ago that we should incorporate the latest
technological advances at a computer level, which is why our Office works with BIM REVIT programs, which opens up a huge range of possibilities
both for preview and for the resolution of the projects as described.

We develop digital models from Revit:

Schemes or freehand sketches.
Revit models in a preliminary design stage.
Complete Revit Models.

We offer after approval of the model:

Accompaniment in the design process.
Presentations with multiple views (cameras, axonometric sections, views, perspective cuts, plans, sections, construction details in 2D and 3D, virtual tours).
Solar studies.
Calculation of passive solar energy gains and losses.
We suggest the necessary insulation in each component of the building envelope.
Documentations (bidding and executive).
Structures drawings.
Interference Analysis.

 The print formats and extensions will be agreed opportunely.