Last Works

Manzanares 3226


Located in the district R2B1, it is a double front land (17,33 m), treated the volumetry so as to gain the best visuals and orientation, leaning on the southern common wall and opening in a stepped form towards the north generating a 3rd facade. The building is composed of two blocks one at the front and another at the back joined by the core, having 14 units of studios, 1 and 2 bedrooms and parking spaces on the ground floor.

Terraces of Reconquista


Residential complex in Rincon de Milberg, Tigre, Buenos Aires – Argentina. Composed by 4 strips of ground floor and 2 floors of duplex of 2 bedrooms and studio apartments. All units have individual terraces and grills to best views and orientation. In front of the river were located the pool and the solarium. In the free ground floor were the accesses and the garages.

Congreso Avenue (intersection Constituyentes Avenue)


It is a building of ground floor and 7 floors with studio and units of 1 and 2 bedrooms. It takes the corner of 2 important avenues, was resolved by a curved facade that opens the visuals to both avenues.

Bureau Tigre


On Virrey Liniers Street, in Tigre, which is consolidated as an area of ​​tertiary equipment, these prototypes were developed to both professional and home office studios. The access is resolved above the flood level and on the ground floor were located parking area respecting the existing tree species.

Las Vistillas House



The house is situated in country club in La Pedrera (Uruguay), located 7 blocks from the sea. It is composed of the main house and the suite of the lake. Both units have terraces and decks with pergolas for the best views and orientation.
In front of the Tajamar a deck with Sun protection, a dock and a boat complete the set.

Premium Libertador 


Two residential  towers of 17 floors  and one office tower on Libertador Avenue. The units types are studios, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and duplex. The amenities are located on the 1st floor of the tower and the pool, gardens and access on the ground floor.In the basement, parking lots and storage rooms were located.

Weekend House in Delta of Tigre


Developed with the traditional technology of the islands, the top floor of the house was built above the flood level and the ground floor was used for expansion areas in the shade of the house. The construction in wood facilitated the workmanship of the place and achieved the desired image.